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Do cross country skiing with your entire family

Do you think, that cross country skiing is boring? – You are wrong! It is far from being the "alternative for the elderly" and can be quite challenging, depending on the terrain and practiced technique. Yet it is the snow sport with the lowest risks of injury. As a beginner you just need a couple of hours to kick off and then the real fun begins. Should you be eager of getting rid of a couple of pounds – no worry, that happens quite unnoticed.

Is it something for children, too? – In deed! For them there is, for example, the "Skitty Parcour" in Kaltenbrunn. There everyone can let off steam.

And for the smallest ones? – As soon as they can walk safely, they'll have fun to explore the trail and when all power reserves are used up, it's time for a nap in the sleigh.

All to easy for teens? – Then it's time for the camel's humps. Here no one has remained upright on his/her skis on the first try.

The Advantage is: You enjoy the untouched nature, far away from crowded pists and the sunday's queues at the lift. Sometimes you stand all alone in the snowy forest, take a break and observe seldom birds and other animals.

You're with your baby? No problem! Because the "loipe" (cross-country ski-track) is there for everyone. Just exchange the baby buggy with the sleigh. The sleigh is bound to a hip belt traged by Mommy or Dady. So you are ready for a sporty adventure for the whole family.